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Arkiv Standard

Arkiv VMS is easy to use and it has the essential features necessary for low-cost video surveillance.

Arkiv has reached a whole new level of performance. It can scale infinitely: there are no limits on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Furthermore, multiple users can be connected simultaneously.

Easy graphical search enables fast retrieval of desired video. Multi-camera playback lets you see the whole event.

POS & ATM connectivity included for easy searching and retrieval of transactional-based video.

Arkiv Web Service compatible - view, search, and playback video via Web Browser and via Arkiv Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.


  • Low-cost, easy-to-use VMS software
  • Compatible with both IP and Hybrid installations
  • Arkiv operates in Windows and Mac
  • Single-server solution
  • No camera limit
  • Compatible with over 6000 models of IP devices – more than 1500 IP cameras
  • Auto-detection of IP cameras for easy setup
  • Full support of PTZ cameras, with digital PTZ also available on every camera
  • View, Search, Playback, Save, Export, Configure
  • Post-analytics, Track & Follow, Timelapse Compressor technology
  • Graphic search display, event search, ATM/POS search
  • Multi-camera playback
  • Multiple-monitor and Video Wall included
  • ATM/POS transaction interface included
  • Video Expiration settings
  • Web Browser viewer included
  • Language Localization - Select between English, French, German, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan/Valencian, Polish, Slovak, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hungarian


Arkiv upgrades:

ARKHWUPG12: Minimum 12 cameras / i5 / 4G RAM

ARKHWUPG24: Minimum 24 cameras / i5 / 12G RAM

ARKHWUPG36: Minimum 36 cameras / i7 / 12G RAM